Product Description:

We offer a huge gamut of Silex to our clients. It is nothing but 98.74 to 99 % of silica. It has various uses in so many industries. To manufacture it the natural quartz ore is grinded and screened to required size by screening the same. Its chemical properties are such that it can only dissolve in aqueous solution of hydro fluoric acid. And its melting point is above 1400 degree centigrade. It is used glass industries, paint industries as a filler, mastic industries and epoxy grouting and other industries. Gujarat Minerals water filter sand & silex is composed of hard, durable, sub-angular and dense grains of siliceous predominately material. It is extracted from clean-sand & silex deposit. This sand is world famous sand as kharasaliya sand. Its physical properties make it among the finest available in world for filtration application. It is clean, dried and screened to meet the required specifications with quality control.

Coarse silex

Fine Silex

10 mm silex